Rhea Gomez

How is mass comm course from jamia Delhi or should one go for PG at MICA?

Liya Sharan

A journalist is the one who works for the betterment of the society. Though the career is not social service,
Most of the journalists are taking social service as their prime responsibility. So it is upto you to choose in
which way to go further as a journalist. The major career opportunities after Bachelors and Masters in
Journalism and Mass Communication include to work as Editors, Reporters, VJ, RJ, Anchor, Newsreader,
Production Controller, Script writers in both print and electronic media. These all comes in the media
industry itself.

You may can also work as Public Relation Officer, Advertisement Manager, Corporate Communicator,
Copy Writer, Video Editor, Photo Journalist and Cinematographer etc in different fields.

You can pursue MA Journalism and Mass Communication in institutes like Christ University, Lovely
Professional University, Jamia MCRC etc as these institutes are good in this course and are giving better
learning environment, modern class rooms,better practical works etc which will help you to get much
exposure in the field.


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Kristi A. Brooks

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Aesh A

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I can frankly tell everyone that I do not pay much attention to the knowledge in the book or in the lectures that my teachers give me, it only accounts for about 20% of what I need at this school. , and the other 80%, I learned to behave, a very "standard" way of life - or most generally, it is the life skill.
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