Srinivasan N

What is this chemistry lab??? I just can't make out and on top of it the lab assisstant @#$%^&*

Manan S

Just came back from school ... it's crazy ... they want us to go for a quiz competition to a rival school on monday. No prior notice, no preparations, we will all be rogered.

Manan S

BTW .... how are the teachers at the Vidyamandir (kurla naka)?

Pratyush Kumar

if all d coaching institutes are closed den only we will unleash our real talent but the thing is dat school shud also hav good teachers

Srinivasan N

I too agree wid u Pratyush and NiTin ... but d reality is that all d coaching institutes and schools collaborate :(

Arpita Singh

I think institutions help, they really could help when the child himself/herself is interested. If the child has not a keen interest in the subject, even god cannot change his/her self made thoughts or theories.
P.s I concur, 24 hours was never enough. -sigh-

Srinivasan N

When D school itself starts promoting a coaching centre, then what to do???

Raghav Singh

I live in Kota and i have seen the huge business of coaching institutes here. they just dont care abt the kids. only they care is abt their money. many kids here spoil their whole time either visiting mall or playing Counterstrike or Call of Duty all the day in cybercafe spoiling their parents entire collected wealth. here actually you see the top rankers are those who have been preparing for JEE or Medical from class 8th or 9th onwards or are exceptionally brilliant(which is not the case with most of us). rest who come in class 11(like me in dream of acheiving a good rank in JEE) face a lot of difficulties and give up( hopefully i hadnt given up bcos my family is with me to support). something serious needs to be done to the coaching institutes as they are getting rich day by day leading educational inequality and imbalance....

Manan S

@Raghav ... I agree wid u. Rather than wasting hard earned money, we shd really ask ourselves if we are moving in the right direction. Thank you mapmytalent :)

Manan S

down wid coaching institutes

Surshree Ayer

When is the result of 10th std maharashtra board ?

Divya Jain

Yes, I am also tired of all these coaching institutes.
I am pursuing my graduation. with this I am also preparing for Government Job Exams like SSC CGL, IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk etc.

People suggest me to take coaching for its preparation. But I really don't have enough time for these coaching. What can I do?


Training Academy? I do not like this. The teachers in the students are very rigorous. club penguin


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